(ebook) F*ck Him 2! Girl He’s Playing You: Your Guidebook to his Playbook

(ebook) F*ck Him 2! Girl He’s Playing You: Your Guidebook to his Playbook



nd getting your life back on track, dating can seem like a scary task. However, if you want to find love again, you have to get back into the dating game. The problem is you don’t know which men are playing games and which men have good intentions for you. Sometimes in order to learn the game, you have to get played. So in the 2nd installment of the F*ck Him Series “F*ck Him 2! Girl He’s Playing You” the follow-up to vol. 1, you will discover what a man’s true intentions are with you. You will get a breakdown of…all of the players in the dating game, all of the red flags to look out for and how to avoid getting played. Then you will learn… how to gain the courage to open yourself up to love again, how to toughen up & stand your ground so you can get what you want out of a relationship. And lastly you will explore how to change the game, so the ball is always in your court. Everyone deserves true love, but if you are too scared to put yourself in the position to get it, it will be hard to find. This book will serve as your guidebook to help you have a winning chance at love every time.

If you want to move on from your ex, you have to move on to your next. ” –Nancy B

You will discover:

  • How to spot the players in the game so you can stop attracting the same type of guys from your past.

  • How to handle rejection and find value in your self-worth so you never have to ask beg or plead a man to stay and love you the right way & so you can gain the courage & confidence to walk away knowing you can find something better

  • How to get back in the dating game and get exactly what you deserve in a relationship & never settle for less.

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