girl let's talk, it's time to get yo' ish together...



cause girl I know you're tired of sleeping with a broken heart.

Dealing with the wrong man can ruin your life. This book will teach you how to bounce back from that! This must-have book is becoming a woman's #1 tool & lifesaver! And it's jam-packed with real-life advice and valuable tools EVERY woman MUST HAVE to get their lives back on track after a heartbreak. 

Inside this book, I give it to you straight – and SHOW you how to heal from heartbreak and really move on. In the book, "F*ck Him! Don't Be Bitter, Get Better & Make Money" – you’ll discover:


  • How to spot the way's of a cheating ass ninja: so you will never get played again.

  • How to stop the pain of an aching heart: so you are not stuck in bed depressed all day and can get back to your regular day to day activities.

  • How to stop going back and falling into his trap: so you won’t play the fool and embarrass yourself.

  • How to use writing as therapy: so you don't have to spend a fortune on a therapist.

  • How to upgrade your mind, body, and spirit: so it will make him regret losing you.

  • How to change up your vibe so can stop attracting Mr.Wrongs and start drawing Mr. Rights.

  • How to become financially independent: so you don't have to stress about bills as a single mother.

  • How to honestly start living without him: so you can enjoy the wonderful things this world has to offer.

  • you will learn how to be HAPPY AGAIN & much more!

What's Inside?

Action Steps: 12 writing prompts & action steps like a mini therapy session to guide you through this rough heartbreak season in your life without the high costs.

Fix A Broken Heart: No more broken-hearted girl get the tools you need to heal & help you find peace of mind, move forward and gain the power to let him go once and for all finally.

Design Your Life: An easy to read detailed action plan for each day, week, and month to keep you on track to move towards your goals & dreams. 

Bo$$ Up Tips: Learn about investing, money management and income growing strategies to grow your bank account & become a bad ass independent woman, so you never have to depend on a man again.

Other Women are Already Taking Action and getting their life back...

My Why?

Hey it's me Nancy B.

I know what it feels like to be hurt & mad at the world after a bad breakup, and I'm here to tell you there is LIFE after EX. Having a child, getting your heartbroken, and then having to do it all by your self can be devastating. I was so lost, confused, scared and hurt but after some serious determination, I found my way, and now I'm back, stronger than ever. I found peace of mind, turned my mess into a message and became a 3x's, self-published author. I have created a solid foundation where I can move forward and live a happy, peaceful and prosperous life. I am so proud to say I'm a single mother who is doing the damn thang! 

But let me tell you it wasn't easy. It felt like mission impossible to pull myself together after that heartbreak especially cause I had no one to turn to. That's why I'm on a mission to help women overcome their adversity, by sharing what has worked for me along my journey. I teach you REAL 'ish that you can't find anywhere else.